Welcome to lindaillerstam.com!

This is the website for Linda Illerstam, Bikini Fitness – and Fitness Model athlete, personal trainer, model and lifestyle coach. On this website you will find interesting and inspirational posts about the latest trends in training, nutrition and fitness and get a chance to follow a female athlete, model and entrepreneur in her career and everyday life. You will also have information on the different services provided through the company Linda Illerstam.

The company Linda Illerstam is a sole proprietorship founded in 2015, holding three divisions of bookable services: Modeling, Coaching and Consulting.

Modeling: As a published fitness model I have worked with many different companies within the sport and sports nutrition industry. I have modeled for catalogue, product and content photoshoots and have been the face of several marketing campaigns online, in magazines and on television. I have done representational work for sponsors all around the world at fitness expos, contests and events and am an experienced speaker and hostess. To see my portfolio you can follow this link or click on Portfolio in the menue on the home page.

Coaching: As a licensed tennis- and Thai boxing coach, gym instructor, personal trainer and nutrition counselor, I specialize in providing my clients with customized services in coaching, training and diet. I have a Bachelor degree in social work with psychology and sociology and have a holistic approach working with aspects of physical as well as mental health and wellbeing. I have worked as an instructor and personal trainer at a gym, a Thai boxing – and a tennis club and have been hired to work for sports teams and individual athletes as a specialized fitness coach. For inquiries about coaching services, training programs or mealplans, please click on this link or go to contact in the main menu.

Consulting: As an experienced athlete, model and fitness coach I have been hired to speak at fitness events and team gatherings. I specialize in training and nutrition but also consult in fitness modeling, competing, marketing and how to build your own brand and business. I also do consulting one on one and help clients strategize and balance their work and private lives to optimize wellbeing and performance. If you represent a company, an organization, a sports club or educational institution and wish to have inspirational/motivational/educational speaches or consulting in questions of lifestyle and health, please click on this link or go to contact in the main menu.