I saw a podcast with fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee a while ago where she was talking about how negative the word diet really is. Remove the last letter and you’ll end up with the word ”DIE” – which is not that encouraging… The only thing that will happen if you limit yourself to broccoli, boiled chicken fillets and quark, is that you will tire and eventually go back to whatever things you used to eat. I’ve done it myself – removed everything that I considered unhealthy and whenever I had something ”out of line” it felt like a big failure. That’s not a healthy, nor a long lasting relationship to food and I have changed the way a approach nutrition – dramatically. Now, my goal is to influence and inspire others to do the same, so let’s remove all the negative aspects of “DIE-ets” and focus on just eating nutritious, tasty – and a great variety of – foods.

To prove the fact that eating healthy don’t have to mean eating “boring” food – this is a favorite of many with a healthy spin – giving a total of 250 calories with 42g carbs, 20g protein and only 3g fat. I’ll show you another, gluten free choice made with cauliflower in another post.

See the recipe below.

My Fitness Pizza:



Recipe: 1 ready wholewheat, sugar-free pitabread, 1 table spoon sugarfree ketchup (FELIX brand with Stevia), 1 table spoon of sugar free sweat chili sauce, garlic, cayenne pepper and salt. 1 cup of sliced smoked ham, a couple of sundried tomatoes (not in oil), sliced cabbage and onion. If you wanna have some cheese on it – choose a low fat brand.